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At Garage Door Canada we get a lot of calls from folks who need to replace their garage door springs.

We hope that this article will help you to better understand what information you can provide to help us find the right springs for your garage door.

So the first thing we need to know is wheather your garage door is a double door or a single door. That is to say, can you get one car or two through the door. Typically if you can park two cars then the door is a double and you would need to replace both springs. If it’s a single door it will just have one spring. It’s important to let us know if it is placed on the left side of centre or the right side of centre. That will tell is if it is a left handed spring or a right handed spring.

It’s also important to let us know what type of construction the door is made of; wood, or metal and if it’s insulated or not. If you’re not sure if it’s insulated, have a look at your garage door from the inside. Can you see the outside skin of the door from the inside? If not, it’s likely insulated.

It’s also important to give us the approximate age and address of your house. With this information we can check out your house on Google Maps Streetview which will really help us with the age, and style of the door which will help us with the correct selection of springs for your door.

If your door is older; 1950’s to 1970’s you could have a garage door with side springs. The way to tell that is to determine weather your door rolls up in sections or flips up in one piece. The one piece style uses side extension springs. We usually recommend that you seriously consider replacement of the door if this is the type you have.

We hope this information will be helpful for you. If you need new garage door springs please give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to find just the right springs for your garage door. And don’t forget…if you’re not experienced in changing garage door springs it can be a very dangerous procedure. We can take all of the risk away by installing your new springs for you.

Check out the video on our YouTube Channel; http://youtu.be/QxuRep41Siw