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Today I’d like to talk about the importance of garage door balance and how torsion springs relate to it.

It’s important that you have the right garage door springs on your door and if you have a broken spring that you replace it with exactly the same spring that was designed for the door. Each spring is unique to the door

In our inventory at Garage Door Canada we carry approximately 12 different wire sizes, left hand, right hand, as well as different lengths. Each spring has its own torque rating which means that with every turn that we put on the spring it creates a certain amount of torque.

Often we hear people say “well I can just add extra turns to it”. The problem with that is that if you put more turns than the spring needs then the door has too much spring when it’s open and the garage door opener is fighting against that spring tension…so that’s not really a good idea.

Please check the video to review two residential garage door springs as an example.

If your garage door isn’t balanced it can cause all kinds of problems with your opener in the future. It can cause unnecessary wear on the hardware and the most important thing is that it puts the door in a potentially dangerous situation if it’s not balanced properly. You should be able to lift a properly balanced door with two fingers without the opener connected.

We often hear the comment, “it doesn’t matter how balanced my door is because I have an opener on it.” What you need to understand is that a garage door opener is only designed to pick up a balanced weight. It’s not what we’d call a winch or a hoist where it’s meant to pull force. It’s only meant to provide the same amount of force as your two fingers opening a balanced door…maybe 4 or 5 pounds of force.

I hope that this has been helpful for you to understand that a garage door torsion spring is not necessarily just a spring. They’re all unique and different for various reasons. You should seriously consider that if you’re in need of a replacement part.

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