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How can I make sure my Garage is More Secure?

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Q: How can I make sure my garage is more secure?

A: Most people use their garage to park their vehicles, or store items. The big heavy garage door, with a seal along the bottom, makes it seem like our garage is almost impossible to break into.

But how secure is your garage and garage door, really? 

Here are some simple tips and suggestions you can use to verify just how secure your garage and garage door are, and how you can make it safer:

  • Keep your garage door closed whenever you are not in your garage (you'd be surprised by how easy it is to forget to close the door or accidentally set off the sensor that stops the door from closing).

  • Upgrade your garage door opener / operator. Carrying around an actual remote opener you keep in your car can make it easier for thieves to break into your home. Recent advances in technologies now allow you to use an app on your smartphone to open your garage door. (Another modern alternative is to program your door to open using a button inside your car, if your car has this feature).

  • Have a deadbolt installed on the door that is in between the house and garage. Adding a deadbolt will provide a secondary security measure (just like you have on the front door to your home).

  • Get a garage door with frosted glass windows. If you like light in your garage, obscure or satin windows make it hard to see what is actually in the garage (making it less tempting for anyone with bad intentions).

  • Make sure your garage door technician has secured the emergency release handle. This will stop thieves from using a coat hanger to engage the emergency release and gain access to your garage.

  • Have a new garage door installed. If you current door is older, outdated, or has been damaged in some way, it's not as secure as it could be. Select a quality garage door made of strong materials to help reduce the risks of break-ins.

If you need assistance in garage door maintenance to improve your home’s security, or are looking for the latest features with a new garage door, contact Garage Door Canada today! We offer a wide range of styles, colours, and options to suit your needs.

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