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What kind of Hardware Components are Important for a Garage Door to Work?

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Q: What kind of hardware components are important for a garage door to work?

A: This is where the garage door terminology can become confusing for many homeowners.

There are numerous parts and components that all work together to ensure your garage door opens and closes easily.

The main hardware components for your garage door are:

HINGES: The hinges should be double-hinges since they help support the weight of the door when it is opened. The hinges are what allows the door sections to remain in place as it is opened and closed.

SPRINGS: Garage doors utilize a counterweight system to make it easy to open and close the door with one hand. The spring is part of this system and looks like one giant coiled spring that is normally located above the door. Some doors also have secondary springs used over the door tracks and are common on heavier doors.

LIFTING CABLES: These cables are attached to the spring system and aid in opening and closing the doors.

DOOR TRACKS: The door tracks are what allows the door to be opened out of the way, either horizontally or vertically.

DOOR ROLLERS: The door rollers are small wheels that roll inside the door tracks as the door is opened and closed. For quieter door operations, nylon style rollers are better than galvanized steel rollers.

Our showroom allows you see these hardware components up close before you invest in your new garage door.

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