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What Types of Insulation are Available for Garage Doors?

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Q: What types of insulation are available for garage doors?

A: There are generally two types of insulation used in garage doors:

  1. Polystyrene (styrofoam), and

  2. Polyurethane (spray foam).

How each one functions and protects your garage varies.

BENEFITS of Polystyrene (styrofoam) Garage Doors:

  • Can be added to non-insulated garage doors aftermarket.

  • Provides improved insulation to the garage.

  • Offers better energy efficiency over non-insulated doors.

DRAWBACKS of Polystyrene (styrofoam) Garage Doors:

  • Not as energy efficient as polyurethane insulated doors.

  • Leaves gaps without insulation in small crevices and other areas, like the door joints.

BENEFITS of Polyurethane (spray foam) Garage Doors:

  • Superior insulation over polystyrene insulation.

  • Fills in all gaps, crevices and other areas.

  • The foam bonds to the frame as it is injected in between the door for a solid, air tight seal.

  • Highest level of sound reduction.

  • Highest level of climate control.

  • Higher R-values.

DRAWBACKS of Polyurethane (spray foam) Garage Doors:

  • Not an option for aftermarket non-insulated doors.

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