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Today I’d like to provide you with  a  Liftmaster 8500 Garage Door Opener Review.

The 8500 Opener is a “Sidemount” or “Jackshaft” style opener. It’s different that your conventional opener in that it mounts to the side of the door as opposed to over top of the door. What that means is that it doesn’t have the long extended boom that would typically take up ceiling space in your garage.

The 8500 Garage Door Opener is part of Liftmaster’s Elite Series of Garage Door Openers. It plugs into an AC outlet but it’s converted internally to a DC current which allows the unit to have a battery back-up. It also allows for a feature called “Soft Start, Soft Stop”. What that means is that rather than having a full motor speed where you would get an abrupt start to the movement of the door, this unit slowly ramps up to speed, and slowly ramps down to a stop. This is very easy on the mechanism of the opener, as well as the garage door itself.

We love this door opener on applications with a high R Value (insulation value), and the larger thermal windows especially on a three piece door. There’s a fair bit of weight to get that door moving. So it allows for a slow, gradual start of that weight and a smooth operation of the door.

This unit comes with a remote light fixture that plugs into the ceiling and works through radio communications so there’s no actual wiring of the light assembly required.

It also comes with a lock assembly that automatically engages and disengages in the track for added security.

As with all Elite Series Garage Door Openers it comes with a five year warranty on all components and a full lifetime warranty on the motor, gear head assembly internal.

The Liftmaster 8500 Garage Door Opener is fairly new but it’s predecessor was the Liftmaster 3800 and we’ve got about 10 years experience on these openers and we have found them to be absolutely reliable, top quality units.

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