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Today I’d like to talk a bit about modern quality garage door openers.

The standard garage door opener for many years was a chain drive which was a long continuous chain that went down the length of a boom and it carried a trolley back and forth to move your door. That long chain has now been replaced, at least on quality units like the LiftMaster Elite Series 8550, has been replaced with a long continuous belt.

The advantages of the belt are;

1. It’s clean.
2. It’s quiet.
3. Requires no maintenance.
4. It has a Lifetime Warranty.

All of the Liftmaster belt drive garage door openers actually include a Lifetime belt warranty.

But right now I’d like to talk specifically about the Liftmaster 8550 which is part of the Elite Series and the best quality that you can buy.

The 8550 of course has a Lifetime belt warranty, as well as a Lifetime motor warranty. It also includes a 5 year warranty on the rest of the opener parts. The Liftmaster 8550 is a DC unit, it plugs into an AC outlet. It inverts internally to a DC motor and what that means is that you’re not getting an abrupt, quick start of the motor. With Liftmaster’s “Soft Start-Soft Stop” feature on the motor it’s a slow ramp-up to speed and ramp back down to speed. As a result it provides a very smooth operation of your garage door. Smooth, clean, quiet, and an excellent warranty.

Another feature of the 8550 opener, as is common with all of the Liftmaster Elite Series openers is MyQ technology. MyQ connects through an internet gateway, which is an accessory to the item, to a router on your home computer. Through a simple app download which is free of charge from Liftmaster you are then able to monitor and operate your garage door opener from your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device.

If you’re in the Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara, St.Catharines areas and you’d like a free, no obligation, estimate to install your new Liftmaster 8550 garage door opener, simply give us a call. You’re also most welcome to call anytime if you simply have questions…we’re always happy to help.

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