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In this video we review the Richards Wilcox Echo Ridge Overlay Carriage Style Doors.

We begin the video looking at a 3 section 7’ high Echo Ridge bi-fold door. Echo Ridge doors are available in 3 section or 4 section. We can actually do 8’ high doors in 3 32” sections so it gives you minimal divides between the panels and of course with a 32 inch top section a very large window presence.

The windows are available in both obscure and clear glass. All Richards Wilcox Echo Ridge doors have thermal pane windows.

The overlays on the Echo Ridge are made with a material called fibrex. Fibrex is a patented material that is s wood/plastic composite. It has a ver low expansion/contraction rate so it’s very well suited for our very cold, very hot, climate here in Canada. Overlays that do not have a high tolerance for expansion and contraction can come loose over time and even fall off of the door.

There are a number of overlay patterns available on the Richards Wilcox Echo Ridge Carriage Style doors including V Patterns, A Patterns, X Patterns plus custom patterns are available as well.

This garage door is constructed on the Family Safe Premium panel which is 45mm with R16. There are 11 base colours and 3 overlay colours available. These doors can also be done in a two-tone colour as well.

These are beautiful garage doors that simulate a barn swing-style door which is very attractive and very popular today.

I hope this review has been helpful.   Please don’t hesitate to give Esther or me, Walt, a call at 905-957-4432.