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Richards Wilcox Family Safe Doors come in a number of panel styles and a variety of colours, nine to be exact. There are literally hundreds of window options that you can choose from.

So let’s take a minute and look at some of the features of the Richards Wilcox Family Safe Doors.

So as mentioned before the Family Safe Door comes in 9 different colours. The one in the video is a head reflective black so it doesn’t get too hot. It has very nice detail on the embossing and the woodgrain. It also features a high density polyurethane core with an R value of 12.2. For strength there’s metal on the front and back and we end up with a good rigid panel.

In between the seams of the door is what we call the rabbit. There is a full thermal break with a sealing system and the design of the rabbit makes it pinch proof which means a person’s fingers can’t get stuck inside the rabbit as the door opens and closes from either side.

What’s unique about the Richards Wilcox Overhead Doors is that it has what we call a true continuous polyurethane panel. There is no internal framework in the door. It has a continuous heavy gage strip on the top and bottom and that’s where the various hardware is attached to. The bottom retainer that holds the bottom seal is an aluminum retainer. What’s nice about that over some competitors that use either galvanized steel or plastic is that it’s not going to break up or rust. Over time as the bottom seal wears it’s easy to slide out and replace.

As we look at the joint between the sections you’ll notice a really nice tight seam. As the door opens you’ll notice the thermal break and in the video I demonstrate the pinch proof quality of the panels.

The finish on the Family Safe Classic is the same with all of the Family Safe Doors. It’s a baked on, four part, polyester primer paint system. It’s made with pre-finished coil and has a lifetime warranty against rust and delamination. The finish is very long lasting and will provide many years of continued shine without chalking or flaking and requiring no maintenance.

This door also comes with a heavy rubber double fin weather seals which are fitted around the full parimeter of the door. When the door closes it wedges up against the seal and provides a very positive seal around the door.

I hope that this video has been helpful. If you have any questions about the Richards Wilcox Family Safe Doors please don’t hesitate to give Esther or me, Walt, a call at 905-957-4432