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The Richards Wilcox Family Safe Premium is essentially the same door as the Classic in terms of the hardware, the weatherstrip system, and the method of construction. The main difference is the panel thickness on the Classic which is 35mm and the Premium is 45mm. This takes the R value from R12.2 to R16. In addition to the extra thickness there are some colours and panel styles that are available only on the Premium. That includes the Cafe colour as shown in the video, plus a number of woodgrain colours. In the video you’ll see a gorgeous cherrywood with the recessed panel beside me.
The Family Safe Premium and the Family Safe Classic have a number of common window options. In the video you’ll see a typical Colonial Window. Colonial windows match the panel style…they’re the same size. The windows are also available in a Ranch Style which is a longer and more rectangular type of window. The least expensive windows would be a single glazed 1/8th glass with a decorative insert in front of the window. The windows shown in the video are thermal windows with the grid in between two panes of glass. The thermal windows have a thermal seal around the two panes of glass providing for an insulating air space in between the glass. The window frames are a top quality and always colour matched to be the same colour as the door with little or no fading over time.
Here is the RW Windows Brochure download. All of the windows in the brochure are available in the Richards Wilcox Family Safe Classic and the Family Safe Premium.