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Can You Help with Garage Door Repairs?

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Q: I don't need a new garage door, it just needs to be repaired. Can you help with that?

A: We sure can! Aside from new garage door installation, Garage Door Canada does garage door repairs too!

We'll certainly take care of the repairs for you, but just for some general knowledge, the common repairs with garage doors are:

Torsion Springs

These have a cycle life of approximately 10,000 cycles, so if you open and close your door 3 times per day then the life of your garage door torsion springs would be around 10 years.

Garage Door Cables

These will often rust on the bottom loop from moisture on the floor of your garage.

In addition to garage door repairs, we do a number of garage door OPENER repairs for many brands, including LiftMaster / Chamberlain and Sears Craftsman garage door openers.

Common repairs for garage door openers are:

Worn Gear Sets

These are the safety sensors that are clipped to the tracks, normally about 6” to 12” off the bottom. Over time the sensors can pick up moisture off the floor and cause them to malfunction.

Worn Rollers

These are the rollers that run in the garage door track. When your rollers wear, you’ll hear a lot of clicking and noise from your track - and it’s also going to impede the motion of your door, which can cause other problems, if not addressed.

Weather Seals

Weather seals frequently need to be replaced. Some of the old wood doors had a wood stop or a piece of 1” x 3” trim around the outside that doesn’t provide a lot of protection against wind and drafts. 

What we do to repair this situation is replace the wood stop with a modern double-fin rubber seal that’s going to eliminate a lot of the drafts that are going to come through your garage in the colder months.

Your garage door might also have some of the cheaper “builder-grade” weather seals that doesn’t really provide much in the way of protection either, so we offer a better quality seal to replace those and, again, eliminate some of the drafts that are present around your garage door.

Our weather stripping can be retro fitted to any garage door.

If you prefer to do repairs on your own, we caution people to make sure you have experience in dealing with any of the components of the torsion spring cables. 

It’s a dangerous repair if you don’t fully understand how a garage door works!

However, if you DO have the experience and want to do your own garage door repair, we have a full selection of garage door parts including:

  • Garage door springs

  • Garage door cables

  • Rollers

  • Brackets

  • Hinges

In addition, we also have a full line of garage door opener parts for your Chamberlain / LiftMaster or Sears Craftsman garage door openers.
Or... you can simply call in the garage door experts!

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