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What Sets Your Garage Doors Apart from Other Brands?

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Q: What sets your garage doors apart from other brands?
A: Great question - and a perfect opportunity for us to brag about 3 EXCLUSIVE FEATURES THAT SET US APART! 

We’re proud to offer you the Richards-Wilcox (R-W) residential garage door Landmark Series, which is built on the heritage of the R-W Brand and is highlighted by three exclusive product features: 

  1. The WeatherLock System

  2. Neufoam Technology 

  3. TruBalance Drum System


Landmark doors incorporate R-W’s exclusive WeatherLock section joint. 

What this means for you is that the modified tongue and groove joint moves the joint closer to the exterior of the door face to limit air and water infiltration, while providing section strength and integrity. 

The dual fin, triple contact weather seal is engineered to seal out the elements. 

The arctic grade bulb-shaped bottom seal (with a rust resistant dual contact aluminum retainer) increases the strength of the bottom of the door. 


In order to achieve thermal values and stability, Landmark Series sections are evenly filled with environmentally-friendly Neufoam. 

The higher density polyurethane insulation is a computer controlled continuous process that provides uniform insulation, superior adhesion and excellent strength to the door panels.


The Landmark Series is also equipped with R-W’s patent pending TruBalance Drum System, providing up to an 87% better balance than industry standard.

This gives homeowners peace of mind that they can safely operate their garage door with ease in emergency situations. 

TruBalance also reduces the load on your electric door opener, extending the service free life span.

(Article information also featured in: Garage Door News)

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