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What Else can I use My Garage for Besides Storing Vehicles?

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Q: We have trucks that don't really fit in our garage. What else can we use our garage for?

A: Turn your garage into an oasis! 

Many homeowners use their garage for more than just storing vehicles.

They are the workshops, extra storage, and all-purpose rooms designed for DIY projects. 

However, your garage is an untapped resource for unleashing your creativity!

When you want to add value to your home and create a special space, consider turning your garage into your own “Personal Oasis”.

Here's how:


Your home may have most of the space you need, but what if it could be more? 

Do you need the perfect hang out for your kids? What about an office? Or maybe you would like an entertainment room to host parties? 

What you can do in your garage is really only limited by your imagination - so think beyond what you need and create what you want!


Are you a parent who also likes to host game nights for your friends? Do you want to create a guest "cottage" for visiting relatives, but want it to be usable space the rest of the time? 

Your garage does not have to have just one function, so make it work for all of your desires:

  • Murphy and trundle beds can be tucked away in convenient nooks when not in use.

  • Create multi-function storage solutions that can double as seating for company.

  • Use sliding panel shelving to hide entertainment systems and store your homeschooling supplies.


Now that you've figured out what your dream space will look like, it’s time to maximize your garage by defining the space. 

Create a sketch that will serve as a road map for executing your vision. 

And don’t forget to go vertical; use the whole wall to create a foundation for the room.


Garages are typical built to be utilitarian and don’t offer much in the way of lighting, windows, or comfort. 

When creating your dream oasis, make sure to include all of the comforts you would expect to find inside your home:

  • Consider adding more natural light into the space by installing a garage door with large windows (we offer multiple garage doors that offer enlarged windows to increase natural light).

  • Use area rugs, pillows, and blankets to add colour, depth, and comfort to your space.

  • Bring in plants to help purify the air and make the space more peaceful.

  • Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating so you and your guests can relax.


Just because you’re turning your garage into your home away from home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your storage. 

There are clever storage solutions that are not only functional, but can add an interesting architectural element to your new room - SO GO GET CREATIVE! 

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