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Should I Replace My Garage Door if I'm Moving?

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Q: I'm in need of new garage doors, but plan on selling my home within the next few years. I’m wondering if I should just spend a bit of money on needed repairs and let the next owner deal with the door replacement?

A: The first thing to consider is that repairs to an old door can be costly - and will still leave you with an old door! 

Second, consider that for most house styles, the garage is a home’s largest exterior feature. 

A 192” x 84” garage door commands almost six times the visible space than the front entry door, so it is a great place to give a face lift.

Remodeling magazine’s 2015 'Cost vs. Value' survey revealed that both mid-range and upscale replacements deliver some of the best return on investment among popular projects – 88.4% and 82.5%, respectively. 

Of all projects that cost less than $5,000, a garage door replacement ranks #2 and #3 of 35 popular remodeling projects that deliver the MOST VALUE at resale.

By upgrading an ordinary garage door with one that complements the rest of the home, owners can dramatically improve their home’s curb appeal. 

With our climate, the high insulation values of good quality replacement doors also add value in home comfort AND heating costs. 

So all in all, in many cases, the return on investment actually exceeds the cost of replacement!

(The Cost vs. Value Report is conducted in partnership with the National Association of Realtors. The study is available here)